Conversion optimisation is basically the visual cues on a webpage which drive people to buy products. Any area on a page which is a call to action falls under the banner of conversion optimisation.

There are a variety of elements which can measure the conversion optimisation of a webpage:

  • Number of form fields
  • Contrasting button colour for call to action [i.e. register now]
  • Text which encourages a call to action rather than commanding it
  • Make content action oriented [purposeful]

Conversion optimisation is extremely important for any website but even more so for eCommerce sites as sales are closed primarily by the ADD TO CART button. If it’s not clear or the webpage doesn’t direct the customer to acting, fewer leads will be converted to sales. Specificity is crucial – too many form fields will result in visitors leaving the site. Focus on a direct and specific call to action.

For assistance with conversion optimisation or to get your site set up with a persuasive call to action which effectively drives sales, simply check out our awesome packages here at Brown Paper.

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