Social media marketing is promotion through social networking websites. It has become much more effective than traditional marketing and is steadily increasing; television viewership has halved since 2002*.

It’s essentially about creating dynamic and engaging content which compels [or encourages] readers to share articles on various social channels. As it is promoted by visitors and customers – it circulates around the web and subsequently brand recognition rises, driving more sales and revenue.

There are various ways to harness the power of social media marketing. It is important to:

  • Research and collect data to better understand customers and current trends via various social media channels
  • Analyse results and customer behaviour so that website content can be directed to a specific audience
  • Strategically integrate content into your website, CRM system, email and other marketing systems

Brown Paper offers a service where this is done for you. We research, analyse and integrate social media marketing into your website. It is available as an ongoing service or as part of a website package.


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