Search engines are the gold mine of driving traffic to any website. So everyone with an e-commerce site needs to stay on, top of marketing trends that will ensure their website is in proper positioning for search engine results.

Catherin Seda, internet marketing strategist form notes that some trends in e-marketing do well to help websites get naturally higher rankings. She indicates that these are easy to use, but they are also powerful tools that attract search engine spiders once you supply them with the content they want. Here are some of the most effective tools you can use to get the spiders to note your website.

1. Blogging

Blogging will give your website a boost in search engine rankings. It also provides you with a lot of exposure to traffic that is highly targeted. You can create your blog as well as you can post helpful information tips on blogs that will help your demographic. In the latter, you can gain excellent backlinks to your website driving traffic there.

You can start slowly by using websites like and where you can search for blogs in your niche market. Then you can post comments that users will find useful and link them back to your website.

2. Social Networking

With the use of social networking websites, you can share information in a community environment. For example, Flickr is a photo sharing website while YouTube allows you to share videos. Each site or app will have a significant consumer base giving you a chance to reach a vast consumer base.

With these communities, you can make use of viral marketing which can get you even more exposure and more traffic. When you post something, and one user sees it. They can like and share it with their friends providing you with even more exposure than your initial post itself.

Social Media should be a big part of your marketing and does affect your ranking in the search engines. Each profile you have online is a standalone page to each community. Each of these pages will rank in search engines, and you can link back to your website from each of these.

3. Article Distribution and Press Releases

Writing articles and press releases and submitting to websites such as or can strengthen your position on the web. If you are new to writing, you will be happy to find that both of these websites offer tools to help you achieving search engine optimised pieces.
The more content you can get on the internet the more attractive you will be to the spiders. For less than $100 you can send out a press release that can get picked up by some blogs and websites.

You can get statistical reports with many PR services that will measure your advertising dollars so you can stay abreast of your success.
Gaining a good position in search engine rankings doesn’t have to be hard. You just need to put the things you do already into regular practice. These resources are at your disposal, and with simple techniques, you can get your presence noticed and increased your profits.

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