RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and you can use it for content distribution in an XML-based format. Blogs, enterprise applications, information and news, can all be published in RSS format. RSS feeds allow you an easy way to notify users when there is a change in an application or when one releases a new piece of content. You can even incorporate video, podcasts, audio and images into RSS feeds.

You can use RSS feeds yourself to keep you up to date with blogs, news and more. In March 2006 notes Technorati there were an available 30 million RSS feeds. Most major websites and news streams publish RSS feeds. RSS feeds not only help to increase knowledge, but they also help to increase productivity and can be used for crisis communications, brand monitoring, competitive intelligence and internal/executive communications.
Content and information providers, as well as media companies, can offer their customers and visitors a convenient way to access the information they share. When you incorporate an RSS feed into a website, you will also give your users a more personalised experience and will strengthen your brand while providing more opportunities for maximising your revenues.

RSS feeds require the use of an aggregator or RSS reader, but there are some free ones available as well as affordable ones that can be used with outlook, cell phones, desktops and even online ones as well. If you are leveraging RSS for a high amount of users within a company, then you will need to utilise an RSS server. Using an RSS server will allow you to manage groups and users centrally and deal with scalability and security issues. If you want to aggregate RSS into an external website, you will need a server-based solution as well. This can be customer premise-based or hosted.


Online retailers are making the most of RSS feeds; using them to ensure their customers do come back. Websites like make use of RSS, and you can find the icons easily on their website. Users have the opportunity to get regular updates on the products they want to follow. Users can indicate their preferences, and by clicking the icon, the companies know what exact alerts to send to the customer. The company can now send this user an email whenever there is a new product in that category or a proper promotion.

Customers often don’t have the time and energy to search through all the merchandise a website offers to ensure that they are getting best and with an RSS option the company can help them to find what meets their needs without either party having to do too much work.

Retailers get the opportunity to present customers with products and services that they are highly interested in and potential buyers don’t have to exert themselves over to get what they need. The arrangement is quite reasonable, and a win-win for each party involved.

You too can give your company the boost it by implementing RSS feeds for your audience.

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