SSL stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’. When entering information online through form submission (i.e. banking) the connection can sometimes be insecure. So there is a possibility that the connection can be intercepted and personal information used by external parties.

SSL is a way of securing the site so that this doesn’t happen. The data is encrypted before it is sent so that if intercepted by a third party it cannot be read or used. SSL means that it is effectively impossible to have data stolen and interpreted. Once the information arrives to the specific destination (i.e. NAB receives your account details for a bank transfer) the information can be decrypted and read.

An SSL certificate is an essential component of any eCommerce site as it fosters a secure payment connection which is essential when selling goods or services online. SSL certificates range in price but can be quite expensive and tedious, especially to those newly acquainted with eCommerce.

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