A Blogger Outreach Program involves analysis of a series of metrics which will inform you as to which websites to advocate and link with as an eCommerce store.

It’s important to firstly identify the influence of the blogger or affiliate. Researching their statistics is an important element of this including:

  • Website traffic
  • Social following
  • Brand relevance
  • Links with other websites
  • Visual layout and overall success of website [including response to content]

Once data has been analysed then it needs to be compiled in a comparison document outlining strengths and weaknesses of each, including costs and other factors. Website analytics will also help with this. Successful bloggers should be contacted, and the results of their overall influence [i.e. promotion] recorded and measured.

Here at Brown Paper we [the eCommerce experts] can do this for you and take the stress out of it all. We will present the findings to you and recommend bloggers based on our comprehensive research.

Tell me more about this this service.

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