Blog Post: How to Write an Interesting ‘About’ Page

Lately I’ve come across a bunch of new websites which are lacking in content, especially the ‘About’ page. I find this strange considering that businesses should want to let their customers know who they are, what they stand for, and why their product is awesome!

Hence I was confused when I came across multiple sites which lacked these elements. A couple of them didn’t even have an ‘About’ page, and it took me ages to find the prices for their products.

Don’t. Do. This.

If you want your website to rank higher in Google you need to have good content. Even just having content helps, but don’t make the mistake of having nothing at all. That won’t do any good at all and you’ll lose people soon after they land on your site.

Here are some tips for you to boost your SEO (search engine optimisation) and help customers stay on your site. YES – it is possible to have loads of content without bombarding your customers with information or screwing up your site design/navigation. Know who you are talking to.

Here is what TO do:

  1. Have an interesting ‘About Me’ page with a touch of humour.
    • Maybe around 300 words
    • Have short paragraphs and sentences for easy reading
    • Could have different tabs available for a timeline of your business.
  2. Have your own separate blog linked to the website (for those blog addicts)
  3. Write interesting descriptions for products
    • Also writing a brief background about the designer (if fashion products) and maybe about their latest collection
  4. Behind the scenes videos
    • Short, sweet, interesting – not trying to sell
  5. Product descriptions
    • Sizing charts
    • Product information (i.e. what is it made of, where was it made etc.)
  6. Weekly email update available for reading on the site (as well as for e-newsletter) – like a ‘hot topic’ – “Q & A interview with …”

Categorise your content.

Don’t just have it all cluttered on the homepage or it’ll look like a mess of words and people won’t be able to focus or even read it.

But say upon clicking the tab for “About Me” there is a short, clear description of who you are, what your brand does, and why you love waking up in the morning, or what you can do for these wonderful customers. And below this you might have a few links for ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘see inside our shop’, or ‘how we started’ and so if people are researching about you or are browsing your site, the information is there for them to easily find.

This will not only help to boost your SEO and ranking in Google but it will help foster a connection between you and your customers as they get to know you and your products.

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