Have a food product you’re looking to sell online?

Do you produce your own specialty food products and want to reach a larger audience? With recent statistics(*) showing that  over 50% of Australians are shopping online, there’s never been a better time to start selling online.

Selling food online

Are you selling online yet?

Whether you sell a single product and are looking to start selling online, or a larger manufacturer looking to introduce the online channel to your business, Brown Paper eCommerce can help bring your products to the online audience. We have years of experience working with food brands and building their online presence.

If you currently sell at markets and stalls but aren’t sure how to get started in online sales then Brown Paper can help. More and more people are shopping online for food products, so if you’re products currently aren’t available to purchase online then you are missing out on sales.

Brown Paper will  get you to know your business and products, before carrying out a thorough market analysis to ensure your online success. We can build a professional eCommerce store capable of handling both wholesale and retail orders. We can also offer guidance on fulfillment and logistics issues to work out the best options for your products. We will plan your ongoing online marketing and social media strategies to build your brand online.

Case Study: Kenko Tea

PrintKenko Tea is a Melbourne based tea company specialising in Japanese matcha green tea powder. Matcha powder is a form of stone ground green tea leaves most known for it’s use in the Japanese tea ceremony, and quite new to the Australian market

Brown Paper was approached to consult with Kenko Tea during their online stores launch in July 2013, and provided guidance relating to shopping cart software (Kenko Tea is built on Shopify), graphic design, as well as fulfillment and logistics options.

Since launching in mid July, Kenko Tea has gone on to establish themselves as the premier matcha green tea seller in the Australian market, with consistent growth each month. Their strong online presence has also assisted them getting found by retailers, and getting stocked in  bricks and mortar stores.

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