So your site is up and running and you have products to sell. What’s next?


Before you click away from this page, no it’s not all expensive. And rates are always negotiable. We have researched the top fashion blogs and websites with massive social media followings and e-newsletter subscribers and compiled a price list comparison for you.

Why worry about advertising?

Well, you need to get people to your site. And once they are there, you probably want them to buy your products or services. Rather than just relying on word-of-mouth, if you really want to fast-track your customer base and become known, advertising can be a brilliant way to do so.

Displaying images of your products and links to your site on other webpages is a fantastic way to promote your website and get your name out there. It also assists with directing customers to your own webpage where they can view your products and buy them or tell their friends.

Having ‘share’ or ‘like’ links also allow customers to share and promote you on various social media platforms.

Advertising needs to be tailored to the market demographic you are targeting. If you are selling high-end designer handbags then advertise with a corresponding website or blog which targets the same or a similar demographic.


Vogue 4.3m Facebook, 700k Instagram, 2.9m Twitter, 1.6m unique visitors/month
Frankie 211k Facebook, 66.4k Twitter, 44k e-newsletter
Fashion Journal 105k monthly readership, 21k Facebook, 20k Instagram, 5.5k Twitter
What Would Karl Do (WWKD)
Melbourne Girl 4.5k Facebook, 11.5k Instagram, 8k Twitter, 2k newsletter, 20k unique visitors/month
Cecylia 1.2k Facebook, 1.3k Instagram,
Style Hunter 3.6k Facebook, 3.4k Twitter, 9.5k email subscribers
The Thousands 44k Facebook, 31k Twitter, 150k unique monthly visitors
2Threads 26k email subscribers, 5k Facebook, 4.9k Twitter.



Vogue Initial 5k then approx. 5k per ad thereafter.
Frankie $1400-$1500 per newsletter $50/m $50-60
Fashion Journal $1190-2250 per page, $4950 back cover, 1/2 page $750-1145, 1/4 page $495-785. ADD 10% FOR GST
Melbourne Girl TBA depending on content, email for quote. $800 $250, $400, $600, Instagram $200, Facebook $100, tweet $100 Sponsored post $400
Cecylia $495 $95-$295 $495 sponsored blog post, $195 sponsored giveaway
Style Hunter $50-75 $750 (platinum –inc. social media links etc.) $13.50-25 for normal banner. $100-$500 (Gold-silver) Sales page $50/month
The Thousands TBA $35-40 $35-40 TBA Can do a package for spec. budgets
2Threads TBA $25 $30 TBA Can do a package for spec. budgets
Fashion Review $600 TBA TBA Bespoke videos, category/directory sponsorship $400-600.


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