Brown Paper was born, with one goal in mind –

“To help Australian small business owners get set up and selling online, and give them the support and resources to grow”

eCommerce in Australia is booming, and there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t have access to the tools, expertise and advice to get their own store up and running – quickly and affordably.

Say you’re an Australian small business owner, and know you should be selling online, but not sure where to start. Where would you look for advice? There’s blog posts, there’s forums, but it’s hard to find actionable advice specifically tailored to Australian small businesses.

Many of the problems for selling online in Australia are different than those in the USA. Whether it’s finding fulfilment centres, choosing the right merchant facilities or calculating shipping costs.

But there was no complete resource for HOW to get an e-commerce store set up . And when we couldn’t find that resource online – we set out to build it. Brownpaper is the result.

We are a small but tight-knit team of eCommerce experts with one goal in mind – doing eCommerce the right way. From product sourcing to packaging, building  online stores to social media. We are here to get your business online and most importantly – making sales.


  • Evaluate

    We take the time to get to know you and your business goals.

  • Analysis

    We carry out a thorough evaluation of the competitive landscape to identify opportunities that will help you sell more

  • Planning

    We carry out extensive business and strategy planning to develop a roadmap for your online success

  • Development

    We create your website, social media channels and online presence from the ground up. with your goals in mind every step of the way.

  • Empowerment

    Our ongoing training and resources ensure you have the skills and knowledge to make your online business a success.


  • Sam
    Sam Director of First impressions
  • Ben Hoban
    Ben Hoban Senior eCommerce Consultant

    Ben Hoban is the senior consultant at Brown Paper and will be taking the workshop through the initial stages of setting up their new Shopify website.


  • Ellie McIntyre
    Ellie McIntyre Social Media Marketer
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