Do I need website hosting ?

How much should I pay for hosting?

What is the best hosting for Magento ?

Search Engine Revs

Search Engine Revs is an SEO agency specializing in delivering powerful, sustainable search engine revenue to e-commerce businesses. Our clients include major retailers operating in highly [...]


Magento is an eCommerce platform which provides support and assistance to people building an online store. It is used by over 200 000 businesses worldwide. It integrates with eBay and PayPal and [...]


HubSpot helps companies get traffic to their website, transform leads and finalise sales with customers. It is an inbound marketing program which structures promotional content so that it [...]


HootSuite is a program which integrates various social media accounts, allowing you to manage them all from the one device. It includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare and [...]


Geckoboard is a tool which equips companies to make the most of their website metrics. It organises the data for you in a streamlined fashion and displays whether it has increased or decreased. [...]


Zendesk is a customer service tool that reaches over 100 million people worldwide through its users. It is a streamlined process whereby you can manage customer inquiries and ensure that you [...]


PayPal facilitates the transferring of money without revealing personal financial information. It is used predominantly in eCommerce with customers paying for goods through PayPal. It is [...]

WP Curve

WP Curve is a WordPress support system which is available 24/7 per a monthly fee (from $69-199). They also have a blog which has great tips on how to increase the sales and quality of a WordPress [...]


ClickBank is an online platform which provides tools to enable individuals to transform their knowledge, hobbies, passions etc. into monetised operations. It focuses on ‘information’ and [...]

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is a service which provides email marketing tools for businesses. Build tailored campaigns, set goals and review revenue reports. Various features Includes mobile signup forms, SMS [...]

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing management system which enables you to create and design your own templates and emails. Images are hosted on their CDN (content delivery network) so there’s [...]

Panthur Hosting

Panthur Hosting is an online service providing web hosting and domain name management and transfer. 24/7 technical support is available via phone or email. Servers are never overloaded so that [...]


Kickstarter is an online platform where individuals seek funding for a creative project from the public. A video is made to describe the project and in return for a donation, financial backers [...]

SLI Systems

SLI Systems is an online service which offers SEO solutions for websites. It analyses consumer behaviour to tailor SEO for specific websites. SLI’s SEO services cover site search, navigation, and [...]


Fontis is an open source software which focuses on helping eCommerce companies lower costs, increase reliability and prevent being locked into agreements with vendors. They offer services for web [...]

Lookbook Cloud

Lookbook Cloud is a Facebook application that integrates with a Facebook page. It allows you to design sliders with multiple products on each. Users can hover over the slider [on a product] and a [...]

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